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First Communion

Receive the Light of Christ

These popular Baptism and Christening candles feature designs incorporating one or more symbols ... the cross, the dove representing the Holy Spirit, water, etc.

To record more than one Sacrament on your candle, please see category 'Combined Sacraments'.

Please note that all standard size candles are presented in quality gift boxes, included in the price as shown.

If you are looking for a First Communion present, please visit our category Gift Candles, as well as Child Birthday to view our 'Life Light Candles'.

Many of the candles shown here are suitable for First Communion Groups - please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Please be guided by your parish as to the customary use of sacramental candles.

We use only quality hand-poured New Zealand or European candles. All sacramental candles are white (any variation shown in the photos is due to lighting conditions in the studio).

Sacramental Groups
First Communion 'Emma' 250x50mm
First Communion 250x50mm 'Niko'
First Communion 'Catarina' 250x50mm
First Communion 'Kelissa' 250x50mm
First Communion 'Parris' 200x50mm
First Communion 'Abraham' 250x65mm
First Communion 250x50mm 'Richard'
Design Joshua
Design Harrison
Design George
Design Mary
'Sacraments' Candle 250x65mm
Sacraments 250x65mm 'Sandy' with dove & band
Sacraments 250x50mm 'Nadia'
Sacraments I - 250x50mm
Sacraments II - 250x65mm
330mm Candles 'Single Cross' - Groups
330mm Candles with printed text and names - groups only
330mm Candle 'Double Cross'
330mm Candle 'Monogram'
330mm Candle 'Cross with Band'
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