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The person behind Candles by Design

Brigitte Oberndorfner

“Since my early childhood in Germany, I have enjoyed exploring a wide variety of mainly fibre arts and crafts, from stitching, screen printing, bookbinding, collage and decoupage to painting. My interest in tactile manipulation of form, and experimentation with texture, colour and recycled materials has resulted in a unique, yet accessible style.” ... Brigitte’s works have sold through design outlets and art galleries, and frequent participation in art exhibitions resulted in several awards.

Brigitte's wealth of experience led her to explore wax as a medium, which after months of research and experimentation resulted in the setting up of Candles by Design Limited. She is the proprietor, designer and creator, and wears all the other ‘hats’ associated with running this enterprise.  

Brigitte has a passion for quality and perfection, and offers finely detailed personalised candles for the many occasions in our lives, where the lighting of a candle represents so much more than words. Her approach is both creative and practical, and you will benefit from her experience and interest in symbolism associated with celebrations.

“I thoroughly enjoy the process of creation, and the positive feedback I receive from my customers who treasure the hand-crafted process.”


"While the word ‘bespoke’ has an old fashioned ring, its associations of patience, time and skill on the part of makers and of discernment, appreciation and celebration on the part of customers — which are conjoined by processes of discussion and negotiation — highlight that the ‘bespoke’ embodies qualities that are of enduring human relevance."

… quote from Philip Clarke, Director of Objectspace Gallery, Auckland
in the publication Bespoke: the pervasiveness of the handmade.
For an overview of Brigitte's hand crafted wax embellishments, click here.

Design evolution

As with any artist, Brigitte's themes and designs are constantly evolving, so keep visiting these pages for exciting new designs for a wide variety of occasions and uses.

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